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Technical Analysis - Indicators

1) How can you tell if the market is in the hands of the floor traders?

2) Explain the triangle you talk about.

3) Is noisy the same as choppy markets?

4) You mention "commercial activity." How can I use software and a data provider to confirm commerical activity at home?

5) I am having difficulty with stop placement. Are any of your subscribers attempting to trade the e-mini S&P (Spoos) with your signals? If so, how are they adjusting the stop signals for the smaller contract?

6) What is a DOJI and how does it work?

7) I understand that the average balances that are displayed on your charts are 20 period exponential. At the beginning of a trading day, what are the first 20 periods comprised of, prior day periods or overnight periods?

8) What do you think the market is going to do when the price is at the top of a triangle or vise versa?

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