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Novice Trading FAQs

1) I would really like to see the "average day" (if there is such a thing) that a daytrader experiences, as well as learn some things that can only be learned by watching.

2) Where do most traders work?

3) How much does each trade cost the daytrader in terms of commission.

4) What exactly is daytrading?

5) What techniques are necessary for learning to day trade?

6) I'm a little weary of firms that offer training but have a $25,000 minimum account deposit, what happens if I decide this isn't for me?

7) How difficult is it to trade intraday?

8) If I follow good guidelines, have the right personality, and constantly educate myself and discipline myself and don't get greedy,do you think I, or anyone for that matter,can earn a good living doing this?

9) From what I've been reading, why do they say it takes at least six month's to a year to become a successful trader, if you follow instructions and advice from those who are experienced? (I don't believe in getting rich quick, it just seems this is a long period of time without seeing some sort of profits).

10) What is the best way to learn trading?

11) I don't know if I'm suited to day trading. What personality type is best?

12) "Yes," I'm playing with "money I can afford to lose." I always hated that tenet of trading. Let's face it: Can anyone really afford or relish the idea of losing money?

13) Are the things to buy named "SPM9" and "June"? How do I buy them?

14) I've chosen to try your service because you seem very adamant on tight stop losses.

15) Can I still use my real time data feed by minimizing your signals page. If I minimize the signals page and maximize my chart page will I still be able to receive signals?

16) Should I have one ISP and phone line to receive signals from Day Traders Bulletin and another ISP and phone line to make my trades?

17) How do I go about getting a free trial?

18) I would like some better understanding of the tick. For example when there is a high tick or a low tick.

19) I am a complete beginner in terms of daytrading and will require step by step instruction until I am proficient, I am assuming this is what you provide.

20) I am keen to "paper trade", I assume this means trading without actually buying and checking on my progress, acquainting myself with your systems and procedures at the same time.

21) Thank you for your prompt and informative response, I will take your advice on paper trading. Hopefully in the future I may be able to avail of your service, however I have a lot of research and study to do before that.

22) When you advise to buy S&P, is this an average of the 500 futures listed in the S&P 500 or am II totally on the wrong tack here.

23) What do I say to my broker to put on a trade using your system?

24) The S&P fell 13 units yesterday, i.e. Tuesday. If I had a sell order on three contracts entering early in the morning and exiting in the afternoon, i.e. one trade (or is that 3 trades) I would have scored big-time, Am I correct?

25) I know this would be a very risky proposition but if it came off (13 point gain) how much would I have earned? I have done my own calculation but want to ensure I have the basics in trading and calculating earnings correct.

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