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The Daytrader’s Bulletin was started by professional futures daytraders to provide other intraday traders with consistent, reliable information. Advances in technology have made it possible for the Bulletin to substantially level the playing field by testing many systems in different markets.

Computers allow us to analyze hundreds of approaches on many different futures, searching for opportunities indicated by changes in time, price and volume patterns.

Using the Daytrader’s Bulletin Real-time Signals for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100, any intraday trader can now trade the markets with a reasonable expectation of success. Review our daily and historical performance records; many subscribers earn handsome profits following the Bulletin.

We urge all subscribers to assess their own financial situation and tolerance to risk before committing funds to any trading endeavor. Remember that past performance is not an indicator of future results.


Trading services provided by the Daytrader's Bulletin include the S&P 500 Real-time Signals and the Nasdaq 100 Real-time Signals. Each service provides daytraders with exact buy-sell, trade management, and exit signals; and the Overnight Update. The Overnight Update includes a summary of the current day's trading and outlook for the next trading day and gives a valuable, longer-term perspective of the markets. These services work in concert and give the daytrader a powerful set of tools.

The Bulletin Signals

Throughout the day, in real-time, the Daytrader’s Bulletin broadcasts unique buy and sell trading recommendations in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq futures. In addition to our real-time entry signals, we also provide money management stops, status reports, trailing stops and profit targets. Our total approach to limiting losses and locking in profits takes the anxiety and guesswork out of managing your trades.

Though proper entry points are critical for winning profits, money management is perhaps more important for long-term profitability. Consequently, we have integrated an easy to use money management system into our real-time trading recommendations.

Overnight Update

The Overnight Update gives a Daily Commentary of the current trading day. It includes a discussion of our dynamic support/resistance levels, intraday trends, cycles, and moving averages that may impact price action. Also provided are precise guidelines and expectations for the next trading session. 

The Cycle Timing criteria follows and gives our unique cycle points for both intraday and key time periods. This powerful information helps identify times where a technical turning point or a move out of congestion is likely to occur.

The Bulletin also provides accurate support and resistance levels that are designed to be used in conjunction with the Cycle Timing criteria. When a cycle turning point coincides with a support or resistance line, a reversal is most likely.

Finally, the Current Performance and Trading Statistics are presented. A 5–minute chart with each trade entry indicated is given. Every buy or sell Bulletin broadcast that day is listed by trade along with price fills and net point profits. The Trading Statistics compilations are shown by last session traded, month-to-date, and year-to-date.

Our Bulletin system makes short-term and intraday trades for quick profits, yet allows you to stay in the trade for the larger moves when they occur. We provide you with accurate information on a real-time and end-of-day basis that you can use to take substantial profits out of the market.

The Principals

The Daytrader’s Bulletin was founded by long-term trader Charles Holt, CTA and his partner Kathryn Martyn in response to requests by friends, family and acquaintances for information on how to successfully participate in the markets. Early on Mr. Holt developed an interest in trading by learning about hedging orange juice futures for the family citrus groves.

After attending graduate school at the California Institute of Technology, Mr. Holt worked for Financial Computer Services as an analyst. He gained after-hours mainframe access for analyzing different trend following systems. His first year of trading (actually six months) yielded  a return of 85% with only a 3% maximum drawdown. Since then, he has traded multiple time frames and prefers the intraday time span. Since 1992, Charles has developed a number of strategic systems for determining:
* When to trade and when to stay out of  markets based on market noise, time period traded, volatility, and price recursion.
* Cycle lows and highs for entry. Expands the work done by Terry Laundry on the “Magic T” concepts originally described by Mr. Laundry. This is a very precise technique for entry and, when combined with the appropriate indicators, trades can be entered with a very tight stop.
* Targeting intraday reversal points. The confluence of time, price, and volume can result in “gift” trades that are virtually sure winners.
* Price and volatility based money management. Knowing when to trade big for the higher percentage and higher profit moves pays off.  Knowing when to trade smaller or even not at all, substantially reduces drawdowns.
* Which intraday markets to trade. We present trade the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100, nearly everyday, because they are ideal daytrading candidates. Other markets we trade less frequently include T-bonds, coffee, interest rate futures, and currencies. We trade other futures as their price and volume profiles become profitable.

Ms. Martyn has been a long-term entrepreneur, market participant and student of price action. She has traded and worked with Mr. Holt since 1993. Together, they have developed a series of easy-to-use trading references and trading manuals. Kathryn is the Editor and Webmaster for the Daytrader’s Bulletin; a paralegal and owner of 365 Design Group.

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