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Daytrading Q & A (FAQs Pg. 2)

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Overnight Update Q & A

1)  What is the Overnight Update?

2)  When is the Bulletin's Overnight Update available?

3)  Why do you show all the trades taken in the Overnight Update?

4)  Since I'm daytrading, why are Key Cycles shown on the Cycle Timing Chart?

5)  Why are slippage and commissions not included in your Trading Statistics page?

6)  The Statistical Results page is incomprehensible to me; what do all the numbers mean?

7)  In the “Guide” you mention that the Cycle Timing is calculated from short-term cycle phasing analysis.  What is cycle phasing analysis?

8)  What if there is a strong probability of a cycle turning point, but it doesn't occur?

9)  What is the “Magic T” and how does it work?

10)  How much does the Overnight Update cost and how do I subscribe?

11)  I understand the Overnight Update is available in a number of different formats.  What are they, and what is the Adobe Acrobat Reader and PDF format?

12)  What do you mean by “pulling the Intraday Cycles toward the Key Cycles”?

13)  What are the Day Types referred to in the commentary, and how do I use them to make money?

14)  How is the Overnight Update sent via e-mail?

15) What is the Slippage Column on the Current Performance and how do I use it?

16) Will your service work for daytrading the NDX? Or better, stocks which track the NDX?

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