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Ordering & Subscription for E-mini S&P 500 Real-time Signals

  Daytraders and investors: Answers to common questions about our Real-time Daytrading Signals Advisory Service.  
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Ordering & Subscription Answers (cont.)

NOTE: We are not accepting new subscribers at this time (as of March 2009).

7)   Do you Accept Checks for payment?

Yes, checks should be made payable to Daytraderís Bulletin and sent to:  

Daytraderís Bulletin
210 NW 78th Street
Vancouver, WA  98665

Remember for interupted service, allow enough time when you send your payment so that it will reach us before your subscription expires. Mail seems to be slower now (since 9/11), and takes at least five days from the east coast.

8)   What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Credit cards are processed by on a SSL (secure socket layer) connection. You may place your order online using our subscription form.

9)   How do I cancel my subscription?
To cancel your subscription, contact us at any time during your subscription period, but always at least a few days before your scheduled rebilling date, by e-mail or telephone, and we will terminate your subscription at the end of the current billing cycle. 

Your subscription will then expire on the date it would have renewed and you will no longer be rebilled. Your billing cycle is every 30 days, beginning with the date your initial payment is made. There are no refunds for "early cancellation." Once a subscription has begun, it will run for the entire subscription period.

10)   How can I use a bankwire transfer?
Send a blank E-mail (no subject or body text is required) to:

and the details will be immediately sent to your Email address by autoresponder. Your address will not be retained.

11) Can I order only the Overnight Updates?
Yes. Many overseas traders want to receive only the Overnight Updates which give overview and analysis for the next day's trading of the S&P 500 futures markets. This option is just $39.95 per month, and you'll receive the Overnight Update for every trading day during your subscription period.

12) What is your current subscription rate? Currently, $169 per month (with a discount first month currently available at $159). Your subscription will begin the day we receive your check or process your credit card details, and will run for 30 days per billing cycle.
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