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Apr 2002

Data Providers - Real-time, delayed & Quotes

We have begun compiling a list of places to obtain data and quotes. Many offer "free real-time quotes" which generally applies only to paying customers. Maybe they should be called "sort-of-free quotes?"

These are bare bones listings only and not our personal recommendations. You must do your own due diligence.

Dec 2001

New in Tips, Tricks & Techniques, Nasdaq Nuggets

Anticipation May Add to Profits
Trading for an Income, Revisited
Daytrading in Quiet Markets

New Mentor Update: Rules for Trading the Trendline Approach [must be a subscriber or have current free trial to view]
Aug 2001

Daytrader's Tool Box - Mentor Updates

Online Lessons in Daytrading
Software & Computer Tips for Traders
July 2001

Recurrent Structures - Presentation

Presented July 2001 by Charles Holt, CTA
Trading Recurrent Structures for Profit
June 2001

Trading for an Income

Ralph Russell's presentation sponsored by Zap Futures is available online.

Mar 2001

Tips, Tricks & Techniques, General Trading

1-2-3 Profits Explained - Popularized by Ken Roberts
Expectations of Profits - Are Yours Realistic?
For New Traders - Thoughts on Daytrading

See our Newsletter for Active Traders archives for More highlights and What's New on this web site.

Jan 2001

New in Tips, Tricks & Techniques, General Trading

What is Risk?
Success Has a Price to Pay
Entry Methods for Daytraders
Oct 2000

Nasdaq Real-time Signals

Real-time Signals Service for the Nasdaq 100 (ND or NQ). [This service has been discontinued due to illness]

Oct 2000

Addition to Tips, Tricks & Techniques

"Nasdaq Nuggets" has been added to our Tips, Tricks & Techniques.

Oct 2000

Who are those traders?

Charles Holt, CTA. Trading the S&P 500 Real-time Signals

Ralph Russell. Trading the Nasdaq 100 Real-time Signals

Oct 2000

Signals Now More Accessible

Choice of sound or color changing background. Soundcard no longer required!

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