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Search Tips:   To find information about a topic, simply type in a few keywords. The more detailed your query, the more relevant your results. Our search engine also comes with some advanced capabilities to help you find exactly what you're looking for. These capabilities are best shown with a few examples:

Translated: require limit, require order
Finds "Limit order," "limit order," and "limit your order."

Translated: forbid limit, require order
Finds "Market order," "market on close order," and "day order."
Does not find "limit order" nor "stop limit order".

Translated: prefer limit, require order Finds "market order," "limit order," and "day order."
Documents with both terms appear higher in the list.

Translated: require the phrase "limit order" Finds "limit order".
Does not find "Limit order" nor "order with limit."

Translated: require limit (case insensitive), require words starting with "order"
Finds "Limit orders," "Limit order," "limit ordering."
The asterisk is a wildcard representing any four or fewer characters.

Translated: require order (case sensitive), require stop, forbid limit, prefer market
First lists: "market order," then "stop order."
Does not list uppercase "Limit Order," nor forbidden "limit order" or market limit."

Translated: The search feature ignores common words like where, is, and the * (asterick) requires words containing "psycho"
Finds "psychology" and "psychological."
To eliminate the ignore feature on a search, use quotes, as in "Where is the psycho*"

Note on case sensitivity: Only words or phrases containing capital letters will be treated as case sensitive. In other words, searching for "s&p" will return "S&P," "S&p," "s&P," and "s&p." "S&P" will match only "S&P."

The asterisk can represent a maximum of four letters or numbers. Additionally, to avoid overly broad searches, the asterisk can only be used in words which contain at least three alphanumeric characters.

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