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Following are some additional Mentor Update examples. The lessons on Fibonacci Retracement Levels and Bollinger Bands were originally created for a participant in our Mentoring Program, at the Daytrader's Mentor. The entire Mentor Update Library for titles available to free trialers and subscribers are listed at the left.

Mentor Update : Russell's Guide: Mini-Nasdaq Order Suggestions

Ralph Russell explains how to best utilize his order suggestions, if you are following the Mini-Nasdaq Real-time Signals.

Download Russell's Guide (PDF)

Mentor Update : Using Active Averages

A vital component of our price action model is that of activated averages.

An average in any particular time frame becomes ‘active’ when momentum pushes price such that the average directional index (ADX) is pushed above the 16 level, and preferably is equal to or greater than the 30 mark.

Once above the 30 mark price, on a price retracement back towards the moving average, that moving average should act as price support/resistance in an uptrend/ downtrend.

Download Using Active Averages (PDF)

Mentor Update : An Entry Technique for Trending Price Action

An Entry Technique for Trending Price Action

Once a trend has begun and been recognized by momentum characteristics, ADX level, or other criteria, there are a number of techniques for entry depending on price action. Within a trend, price action can retrace deeply or very little; price can move rapidly or very slowly. Each retracement can consist of one small push or many.

It is critical to determine the price action characteristics of the retracements within a trend in order to enter the existent trend with low risk.

Download An Entry Technique for Trending Price Action (PDF)

*This Mentor Update is six pages and contains five charts (132579 Bytes) . Please allow up to 35-60 seconds for the file to download.


Mentor Update : Using Globex Extensions into the Day Session

Using Globex Extensions into the Day Session

"Many traders use the Globex session's high and low as support and resistance levels for the day session. Additionally, trendlines and channels from the Globex can become very important in the early going of the day session."

This Mentor Update explores how you can use the Globex session's data for day session trading.

Download Using Globex Extensions into the Day Session (PDF)


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With the Daytrader's Bulletin and Mentor Updates you'll receive daily one-on-one training, expert guidance, and individualized attention at a fraction of the cost of a traditional mentoring program. You'll be able to immediately put into practice what you learn every day, and have your questions answered as they occur along the way.

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