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Aug 2001 Vol. 6 - Issue 1
ISSN: 1529-7985

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+ Tips, Tricks & Techniques - Nasdaq Nuggets
Daytrader's Profit by Learning How the Market Moves

+ Daytrader's Tool Box - Mentor Updates (Mini daytrading lessons)
Russell's Guide to Using the Mini Nasdaq Order Suggestions

+ Recommended Trading Books - Daytrader's Bookstore
+ Software & Computer Tips - Freeware for MetaStock & CompuTrac
+ Links & Resources for Traders : Laughter, the Best Medicine
+ Trading Results 2001 Year-to-date

========= Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Daytraders
                     Nasdaq Nuggets

Daytrader's Profit by Learning How the Market Moves
by Ralph Russell, Nasdaq Real-time Signals Trader

As traders, we seek information about the market that we can see on our charts and then we seek to capitalize on that information. One thing that many of us miss is how the market moves. Yes, we do not even notice such things in our quest for profits.

Our vision tunnels up when in a trade much like looking through the big end of a funnel and all we see is that small area at the end, as that is where the ticker or cursor that highlights the latest price is located. Our minds are quickly calculating as the price jumps up and down, like an adding machine in the hands of an auditor.

Have you noticed the market almost never moves in a single leg move, and that the markets always make at least three legs in a move? Many of us refer to this as an ABC move. It could be a 123 move. The Elliott label is unimportant. What is important is that we recognize that we have at least a three-legged movement coming.

If we know there are three legs to a move, we have great and useful information.

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========= Daytrader's Tool Box - Mentor Updates
                     Online Lessons in Daytrading

Do you trade the E-mini Nasdaq? Ralph Russell, our Nasdaq Real-time Signals Trader, has written "Russell's Guide to Mini-Nasdaq Order Suggestions."

The latest addition to our Mentor Update Library, "Russell's Guide to Mini-Nasdaq Order Suggestions," is required reading if you plan to use our Real-time Signals for trading the E-mini Nasdaq. This update details how to use the signals to your own best advantage.

Depending on your trading skill, you'll use the Real-time Signals differently:

Novice traders will likely follow the signal suggestions very closely, concentrating on learning how to follow the market and letting Ralph's trade suggestions help create your account growth. More experienced traders are able to fine tune the signal suggestions, some trading more contracts, etc.

This Mentor Update is available to anyone (no free trial or subscription necessary) with several other available updates.

Our Free Trialer's Library are the Mentor Updates we make available to give you a taste of our great content. Subscribers have access to the entire library of back issues and also receive all new Mentor Updates as they are published.

Links to the List of Titles in the Mentor Update Libraries are on the left-hand side of the above page or directly at:
Free Trial Library

Subscriber's Library

Both libraries require a user name and password for access.
If you have not had a trial within the last 90 days, take a free trial now!

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============ Links & Resources for Traders

The Wall Street Follies
Jokes and cartoons about trading

"Children laugh an average of three hundred or more times
a day; adults laugh an average of five times a day,
we have a lot of catching up to do."
Heather King (20th century)

======== Real-time Signals, S&P E-mini Futures, Nasdaq Futures

The market has changed and so has our trading. We are now trading the S&P with a longer-term outlook (still daytrading), and our signals are much more appropriate for E-mini trading. If you are trading the S&P E-mini, take a trial.

All new free trials to the Real-time Signals have access to both the
S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100 Signals. You will also receive the Overnight Updates for both markets. Request your trial today. (We require at least 6 months between free trials).

========= Favorite Trading Books: Bookstore for Active Traders

Our favorite trading books - Experts & Classics

There is a new price war between the larger online book sellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Get in on the action. Presently Amazon's prices are less, while Barnes & Noble is offering free shipping when you order two or more books.

(Remember, to close the new window that opens when you click a book link, use Ctrl + W)

========== Software & Computer Tips -

Featured Freeware: Paul Gehart Software
If you use MetaStock or CompuTrac here are a few programs that can help you handle those data formats:

QuickChart: Quickly view and print financial data stored in MetaStock/CompuTrac format

MetaFix: Manage portfolios of historical financial data stored in MetaStock/CompuTrac format

MakeMS: Convert ASCII data to MetaStock/CompuTrac format

Paul Gehart Software

Kathryn's Computer Tips for Traders

COMING NEXT MONTH: Today's Purchasing Power, More Computer for the Money.

========= Year-to date Trading Results for 2001

S&P 500: Our cumulative net result up to and including August 14th, 2001 on our $30,000 model account is $18,500. This is a 62% year-to-date return during a year when fund managers are bragging that they haven't lost too much!

Nasdaq: Our cumulative net result up to and including July 14th, 2001 on our $15,000 model account is $39,912.50. This is a 266% year-to-date return, trading one and two lot sets of the E-mini Nasdaq. Outstanding result, Ralph!

These results are posted after each trading session in the Overnight
Update and also can be viewed on our Cumulative Net Results page.

========= Disclaimer

It is our sincere desire that our web site and Real-time Signals service is an informative and educational resource for you as a trader. Please be aware that you may trade in front of us, with us, or after us and that it is imperative that you make your own trading decisions based on your specific risk tolerance and
discretionary funds. There is a risk of loss in trading futures.

========= Prior Issues
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Good trading,
Kathryn Martyn Smith, M.NLP
Publisher, Daytraders Bulletin

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