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Vol. 2 - Issue No. 5
August - September 1999

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+ Daytrader's Mentor: An Entry Technique for Trending Price Action
+ Trade Reluctance Types and Mental Mastery - New Trade Tips
+ Improved On-Site Search Engine
+ Trading Books we Recommend
+ Bulletin Signal - Trading Results for August/September 1999
+ Software Spotlight: Snag-It - Capture those Price Charts with Ease

== Daytrader's Mentor: An Entry Technique for Trending Price Action

Excerpt: Once a trend has begun and been recognized by momentum characteristics, ADX level or other criteria, there are a number of techniques for entry depending on price action. Within a trend, price action can retrace deeply or very little; price can move rapidly or very slowly. Each retracement can consist of one small push or many. It is critical to determine the price action characteristics of the retracement within a trend in order to enter the existent trend with low risk ...

Read the entire Mentor Update: "An Entry Technique for Trending Price Action" (Use the link under Bonus Mentor Update in the left-hand column near the top). This Mentor Update contains five charts and is a large file (132579 Bytes) . Please allow 25-35 seconds for the file to download.

Real-Time Subscribers receive these Mentor Updates periodically.

Mentor Updates are produced in the Adobe PDF format.
See our Instructions to Download and Install the free Adobe Reader software, Printing and Viewing PDF Files and a Tutorial for Using the PDF Reader software.

======== Trading Tips - Mind & Money
Two new topics: Mental Mastery and Trade Reluctance Types

1. Mental Mastery - Tests to Demonstrate Mental Power

One area that rarely is discussed but has a significant impact on trading results is "visual perception." Do you see what you think you see? How are your preconceived ideas influencing what you are seeing? Here is a brief overview with some fun and simple exercises to test your own ability to "see it all."

2. Trade Reluctance Types - Do any of these types describe you? Trade reluctance comes down to the eight specific types of traders who create their own inability to trade. Read these descriptions and see if you find yourself.

All of these troubled traders can be helped by practicing the exercises presented in our "Pulling the Trigger" series.

========== Improved - On-site Search Engine

Our improved search engine now lists the actual text taken from all pages found, highlighting the keywords. This is an excellent way to search and quickly find if there are relevant pages.

If you search for divergence, for example, all pages containing the word divergence will be listed, along with a relevant text displayed. You can then go to the actual page, if you desire to read the full text, or in some cases, your question will be answered on the results page itself. Examples of the different type of queries to obtain different results are located on the search page itself. Run a test search now

========== Trading Books We Recommend

Day Trading with Short-Term Price Patterns & Opening Range Breakout -- Toby Crabel

The first three or four pages of this book have more information than most entire books. We have studied and applied opening range breakout patterns to our own trading with very favorable results. This book provides an excellent background into this trading methodology.

Category: Day trading
Price - $95.00

Please visit our complete Bookstore for Traders with all our personal recommendations and favorites.

======== Bulletin Signals - Trading Results

Through September 1999 - Our cumulative net result up to and including September 24, 1999 on our model account is $55,725. This is a 186% annual return and includes the recent drawdown period.

These results are posted after each trading session (late evening) on page 6 of the Overnight Update and also can be viewed on our Cumulative Net Results

========== Software Spotlight

SnagIt 4.0 - You have a nice compelling chart on your screen, but if you leave the site, you'll lose the chart.

This is a job for Snag-it (shareware try it FREE for 30 days). When you want to print a portion of a web page, without all the extra banners, etc, SnagIt is ready for the job.

Press one key combination (we use Ctrl - Shift - P)- then click and drag - let go of the mouse and your chart is printing. Excellent way to take advantage of those free chart sites. A complete example of the simplicity of using this screen capture tool is available in the description of SnagIt.

Visit our Trader's Tool Box Software Utilities for Traders for details and download info.

If you lose track of the address for the Software page, a link to the software page is also on the Trader's Tools.

============ Disclaimer

It is our sincere desire that our web site and Real-Time Signals service is an informative and educational resource for you as a trader. Please be aware that you may trade in front of us, with us, or after us and that it is imperative that you make your own trading decisions based on your specific risk tolerance and discretionary funds. There is a risk of loss in trading futures.

Good trading,
Charles Holt, CTA
Publisher Daytrader's Bulletin

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