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Hints for Printing &
Viewing PDF Files
with Adobe Acrobat Reader

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Download and Installation Help

Tutorial for Acrobat Reader

To Open a PDF File on Your Hard Drive:

1.  Double-click the Acrobat Reader Icon to launch the program.

2.  Choose Open from the File menu.

3.  Navigate using the and Select the file you wish to open. Click the Open button.

To Print a PDF Document in Acrobat Reader:

1.  Choose print from the File menu on the Reader's menu bar (not your browser's menu bar - you want the second menu bar).

2.  Enter the number of copies in the Print dialogue box (default is one).

3.  Enter the page range in the From and To text fields (default is entire document).

4.  Click the OK button to send the document to the printer.

To Print a One Page PDF Document in Your Browser:

1.  If you have a one page PDF document, you may need to choose print from the File menu on the browser's menu bar, not your Reader's menu bar (opposite of above instruction).

2.  Choose Print Range All.

3.  Always check "Size to Fit."

4.  Click the OK button to send the document to the printer.

Acrobat Reader Version 3.0:

To print your document in duplex (both sides of the paper):

1. First download and install the ARTS Duplex utility, which provides the ability to print in duplex fashion.

2. Once installed, when you open a PDF document you will now have the two printer icons on your Acrobat viewer:

Choose the yellow printer icon and the print dialog will open.

Here in the ARTS Duplex box, choose Odd pages only OR Even pages only OR Duplex. The difference is that with Duplex the entire document will be sent to your Print Que and when it has finished printing one side, it will pause, at which point you will remove the pages from the printer, turn them over, and reinsert them in your paper tray.

When you click the Okay button, printing will resume. The trouble with this method is if you reinsert your pages incorrectly, you will print the entire document incorrectly.

We always choose print Odd pages only. After those have printed the pages can be removed and reinserted into the paper tray with the print side up (in our printer's case, your printer may require something else), then we print Even pages only.

Experiment with printing just one page at a time to discover which way your printer requires the paper to be inserted.

Make sure Shrink to Fit is chosen.

Acrobat Reader Version 4.05

To print your document in duplex (both sides of the paper):

1. If you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat (version 4.05), this ability is built in to the viewer. After opening the PDF document, choose Print (from the File menu) or use the printer icon. Follow the instructions as given for Version 3 above from #2.


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