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Welcome to the Daytraderís Bulletin. We are confident that anyone using the Bulletin can ensure profitability following our guidelines. Every element necessary for successful daytrading has been identified and incorporated into our trading systems. The Bulletin can reward you handsomely, if you use discipline and follow our signals.

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At the Bulletin, we are searching for potentially explosive situations to trade. Weíre very patient and do not trade every opportunity that comes along. Our trade selection criteria is, in large part, responsible for our superior performance. We wait for all of our criteria to be met; we donít feel a need to trade unless we believe we have an almost absolute lock on profits. 

Over trading is the primary cause for failure among daytraders.  The secondary reason for daytrading failure is the flawed technical viewpoint most traders adopt. Standard technical indicators are what the vast majority of traders are using and, given the statistics, the majority are making losing trades.

We currently trade the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 and offer our Real-time Signals for these two markets. Many of our clients have reported remarkable gains using our proprietary systems.

Our trade management system gives specific protective and profit-taking stops for all contracts traded.  These stops are determined by our software system that takes into account support/resistance levels, intraday noise, and market acceleration. 

We also indicate price reversal points, to assist in an optimal exit. Additionally, each trade is rated with a money management factor, letting you know the ideal number of contracts to commit for each security.

Our trading systems allow even a beginner to enter the market with an expectation of profit. More experienced, seasoned traders use our approach as a comparison with their own analysis, either as a challenge to their market viewpoint or as support for their position.

The reality is that typical indicators donít work.  Because 90+% of traders, on balance, lose money using these indicators says a lot about indicator efficacy.  At the Bulletin, we monitor specific market phenomena at specific periods during the day. 

Our software and experience brings the market variables of price, time, and volume into clear focus for our subscription clients. We assiduously search out low risk ideas and high probability trades that occur at reliable reversal points; in order to profit daytrading, trades must be taken whose potential is not obvious at the time. 

In view of commissions, data feed expenses and the psychological perversity of the market, you must out trade the competition. 

The number of opportunities when price and time converge occur 12 to 15 times per week, and we are usually successful in catching half of them.

We urge you to try our service and take the signals ó they work.  You can use our service alone and have outstanding results, or you can use our expertise in conjunction with your own indicators or techniques.
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