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Following are unsolicited testimonials sent by our Real-Time Signals Daytrading Subscribers and Visitors:


You all seem to be very honest and realistic about your results, which can be tough to find in this industry, it seems. I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with your company. -- Randy


Tuesday October 10, 2000. Nasdaq Trading:

Ralph: "Thanks!

Trade No. Bought Sold Market Price
541800 2   NQZ0 3275
541698   2 NQZ0 3289
541528 1   NQZ0 3296
541513   1 NQZ0 3279
540254 1   NQZ0 3287
540030   1 NQZ0 3304.50
539220 1   NQZ0 3327.50
538777   1 NQZ0 3358.50
Total 5 5    
Gross = +56 points - commissions "

-- Danny


John Rhodes: "Trading for a profit is what's it's all about and you are doing what it is all about. I am up 108 points"

"Ralph, you ain't perfect but your the best I think I have ever watched work, I like your style. It has changed the way I do certain things."


Mark Scheir: "It doesn't bother me one iota that you didn't get the whole trend today on the break. Your first entry was bold and beautiful, and your second entry classic. "


James Dukes - Australia - "That last trade you asked about was the only trade I took that night and I went short just after you, and I was filled at 1273 Stop loss 1275, and covered the trade at 1269 for a four point profit. PS My 3 month subscription has now paid for itself about 15 times over in 4 trading nights so keep up the good work." -- Later, he added "Go for your life! The opportunity to become a daytrader is very real and I enjoy watching you in action." Read his entire message.


Bob - "As I watched in real time, someone calling the market, I realized *none of these other vendor clowns do that!* and you showed both the profits and the losses day after day. You have a great website and you've been very helpful."


BP, San Jose, Ca. - "Thank you for your Daytrader's service for the past several months. It has given me the flavor of what it is like to see and react to the market in real time."


Thomas L. - "Your trading helps me keep better on track. Life is better when we are not Lone Rangers. A focused team effort can overcome many obstacles. Your transparent remarks and honest approach helps your team win. Keep up the good work."


Randy - "Your getting back to me and saying you made a mistake certainly shows what a wonderful company you work for. I look forward to dealing with your firm."


Signed Carl D. Happy Subscriber - "Ya'll are doing a fine job. This is a top notch site with some very complicated reporting features...Keep up the great job!"


Mark. S - "Excellent work on the website. Very informative and well put together."


Mark M - "I very much appreciate the quality of your product and the service I have received from you. I've learned what I wanted to learn through my subscription. I basically wanted to validate my own system with your thoughts and approach. My system gets me into trades a little earlier and out a little earlier. I'm comfortable with that, having had the opportunity to track a professional's decisions for a couple of months."


C.W.I. - "Your site is the most informative and honest testimony to the art of daytrading the S&P 500 I have seen. You are congratulated for your broad information and candor. I have found your service most informative and honest in my search for a school. "


N.S. Cohen - "I admire your courage in putting your expertise on the line every day for all to see, and by the amount of preparation that you put into it."


Dave - "Thanks so much for your detailed and thoughtful response to my inquiry. "Hone and fine tune" my trading, and looking for new ideas is exactly what I am looking for."


Greg S. - "I have been monitoring your action and trade management. You are one of the most well run trading services I have ever seen. I canceled so quickly because your performance this year seemed a little light but as I reflected on the price action it sure has been tough. Please reactivate my subscription."


Michael - "You have given me the most honest and sensible answers to my questions so far. Better yet, the advice given was free! I really appreciate your helping me out. I will be getting my feet wet on S & P day trading soon and hopefully the next time I contact you will be as a subscriber."


R. Jones - "Thank you much for the oppontunity to watch you trade thru the last week. I've followed your trading for some time now and only thru the hour-to-hour watch do you get a true sense of the challenge you face everyday. ...Your style of close risk control and waiting for the edge is one I'd like to follow. You provide a great service and I'm truly impressed with your organized approach and experienced insight."


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