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  Bulletin.  An intraday broadcast that requires immediate attention by buying or selling, by initiating or changing a protective stop, or by exiting an existing position.

Contract.  A reference term describing one unit of a security.

Contract Set.  The number of contracts initially bought or sold when opening a position.

Entry Bulletin.  An intraday Signal indicating a buy or sell entry into a particular market.

Entry/Exit Bar.  The field on a Bulletin that submits the broker order to enter or exit a trade.

Exit Bulletin.  An intraday Signal that initiates the exiting of a previously established position. The Exit Bulletin may exit either all or part of a position.

Flat.  Refers to holding no net long or short position; i.e., out of the market.

Holding Period.  This term refers to the minimum and maximum length of time in minutes we anticipate being in any particular trade.

Liquid.  A market is liquid if it is broadly traded, where buying and selling can be accomplished with small price changes and the bid/ask spreads are narrow.

Low Risk Idea.  A low risk idea indicates market entry at a point in price and time where the odds of profiting are overwhelmingly in our favor.

Management Bulletin.  An intraday Signal indicating where protective stops should be placed.

Management Bar.  The field on Management Bulletins where protective stop levels are located.

Noise.  A market condition describing a period of little or no trending action; a market period to avoid.

Position.  This term describes your net market participation.  A buyer of futures contracts is referred to as holding a long position and a seller of futures contracts is referred to as holding a short position.

Protective Stop Order.  An order that limits losses or locks in a profit when a particular price level is reached.  A sell stop is placed below the current market price, a buy stop is placed above the current market price.

Risk/Reward.  An expectation of potential loss versus potential gain.  The minimal acceptance ratio is a maximum one unit of loss compared to a minimum three units of gain on any individual trade.

Status Bar.  The field on Bulletins where the net position is recapped. Also, notes and other trade management suggestions are presented here.

Time Stamp. This area indicates the hour and minute in Central Time that any particular signal was generated. 
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