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Abbreviations & Terms Used on Intraday Bulletins

Account Size Per Contract $15,500

    The minimum dollar amount needed in your trading account for each contract traded in your contract set.


    Used separately or together; can means cancel and repl means replace.



Price at Signal 937.50 (+/- 0.75)

    The plus/minus and the following value in points indicate that Entry should be within plus or minus the value shown of the Current Price. In the example above, Entry would occur if the price at the time of placement with your broker is between 936.75 and 938.25.  The current price indicates the market price at the time the Bulletin was issued.


    Indicates no net long or short position; not in the market.


    This term is usually associated with an Entry Bulletin and follows a price and means that no differential is applied to the price you use for entry, exit or protective stop placement.  This is, if you can reasonably place the order, as shown in the field under current market conditions, then do so.

    Trade Management

Holding Period

    The range of time in minutes we expect to be in a particular trade.  The first value indicates the minimum period of time we expect to be in the trade.  The second, larger value indicates the maximum length of time we will hold the probable trade.  This longer time period does not mean we will automatically exit a trade; we always attempt to let price action take us out of a trade.


         The market.


    Refers to an unsent Bulletin that will apprise you of additional action to be taken.


    A relative value indicating the expected return for a given stop loss risk.
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