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Bulletin Signals Q & A

1)  How do I enter the Real Time Signals page, and how are the Bulletin Signals delivered?

2)  What is the purpose of the “Test Open” Bulletin?

3)  How do I know whether I have an Entry, Management, or Exit Bulletin Signal?

4)  If I trade single-lot sets, how do I know when to take my profits?

5)  How do I use the Price at Signal and +/- number field?

6)  When the Status bar says “flat,” what does that mean?

7)  Should I just “jump in” and start trading the Bulletin Signals? What is your advice on how to get started?

8)  What sort of schedule would someone follow to maximize their use of the Overnight Update and the Bulletin Signals?

9)  Can I resize or minimize the Real-Time Signals window?

10) What should I do if I receive an error message while in the Real-Time Signals page?

11) What is the "Signals Log" link at the bottom of the Real-Time Signals page?

12) What is the Pre-Opening Commentary?

13) Please explain what is the 5M average on the SPH9 comment sent out this morning.

14) What is the Premium you refer to?

15) That password you gave me doesn't work, please help.

16) How do I know whether I have an Entry, Exit, or Management Signal?

17) Should there be a ? at the end of the url on the Signals page? When the page is updated the ? appears and remains.

18) I don't understand the Holding Period?

19) Can you please give me a more detailed explanation of what "stop hard" means.

20) On the Current Performance Chart, what do the blue, green and red lines mean?

21) If I trade single-lot sets, how do I know when to take my profits?

22) I do not understand what is meant by Buy Three December S&P at 970.10 Stop. Would you please explain?

23) Can your system be used to trade Spyders (with margin) as opposed to futures, and if so, what account size would be required to match a 30,000 futures account?

24) Will your bulletin signals work in the background on my computer behind Signal Online and Metastock, or should I run your program on a second computer (I have a backup computer and a second Internet connection)?

25) I have an online audio program playing during market hours. Will this prohibit me from getting an audio alert of your signals? If so, is there another alert method?

26) I thought I was putting the right user and password but it is not accepted?

27) What if I don't have a sound card, or can't hear the signal sound?


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