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Answers - Bulletin Signals (cont)

9)  Can I resize or minimize the Real-Time Signals window?
Once at the Real-Time Signals page, you may resize or minimize the page. You will be alerted to new signals by a series of two or three “tones.” It is necessary to have a sound card, otherwise you would have to constantly be watching the screen which would be very tiring. With the screen minimized, you may continue to do any work you normally do.

When in a trade, it is recommended that you keep your Real-Time Signals screen maximized. Note: Some software interferes with a browser's ability to play the sound files, so if you notice you are not hearing the Bulletin Signal sounds with your screen minimized, this is probably the cause.

10) What should I do if I receive an error message while in the Real-Time Signals page?
Occasionally, if you have other browser windows open or you are running resource intensive programs, you may have difficulty with the refresh/reload function.

The best way to determine whether you have a refresh problem is to verify that the time value in your Current Time window is advancing. An advancing time indicates that your Signals page is updating correctly.

Additionally, it is helpful to have an audible tone to alert you to a program error message. This ensures that even if you are not watching the screen, you will still realize there is a problem and can correct it. 

To insure you have a Program Error sound (Win 95) go to Settings/Sounds/Windows/Program Error and associate a sound file with that action.

If you have a refresh difficulty, another pop-up window may appear that states:

     “There was no response. The server could be down or is not responding. If you are unable to connect again later, contact the server’s administrator. Using previously cached copy instead.”

In this case,

     1.  Press O.K.

     2.  The Signal Page should now normally refresh itself every 15 seconds.

     3.  If the Signal Page doesn’t update, press the Reload (Netscape) or Refresh (Microsoft) button to reinitialize the process. Use the Current Central Time window to verify receipt of a new broadcast.

     4.  If this doesn’t correct your problem, then most likely your ISP connection is broken or your browser is having problems. First try reconnecting to your ISP and then, if necessary close and restart your browser.

It is advisable to occasionally check the Current Central Time box in the upper left corner of the Signals Page to verify proper reception of your Signals.

     Another error message you may receive is:

     “A network error occurred. Unable to connect to server (TCP Error: No route to host). The server may be down or unreachable. Try connecting again later. Using previously cached copy instead.”

In this case you have been disconnected from the net (probably by your ISP). To correct this problem:

     1.  Press O.K.

     2.  Reconnect to your ISP.

     3.  If the box pops up during your reconnection process, press O.K. after your connection is reestablished.

11) What is the "Signals Log" link at the bottom of the Real-Time Signals page?
This is a list created in real-time of every Real-Time Signal sent during that market session. Refer to it, if you lose where you are in a trade, need to recheck a price, time, or signal. Also, we issue Real-Time Commentaries throughout the day that have a broader, but very specific market view.

Our Real-Time Commentaries are often very on-target. Use the Signal Log also to refer to the Pre-Opening Commentary, if you missed this important data just before the market opens (usually posted around 8:20 - 8:25 Central as a Status Signal).

12) What is the Pre-Opening Commentary?
This data is posted to subscribers as a Status Signal around 8:20-8:25 Central on the Real-Time Signals page and also is e-mailed to Overnight Update subscribers. This commentary gives valuable Support/Resistance, trendlines, and an early trading approach for that day.

This information is derived from the overnight and early A.M. European and U.S. market activity, giving you absolutely the latest trading information available. We know of no other such service. It is of immeasurable benefit to you as a trader.

13) Please explain what is the 5M average on the SPH9 comment sent out this morning.
It is a 20-period, exponential 5-Minute moving average plotted on a 5-Minute chart. Once price reaches this line, as it is a resistance line, most likely price will not be able to break this line and will turn back down.

If it does break this price, then we start paying attention to signs that price may be heading back up.

The 5-minute daily chart is posted every evening and also displays the color legend.
  Legend: 20 Period, Exponential Moving Average  

14) You frequently refer to the Premium. What is Premium?
Premium is the difference in basis points between the actual cash value of the underlying stocks in the S&P500 and represented by the S&P Cash Index and the front month S&P Future's Contract.

If you receive the real-time CME quotes it will include Premium. It is usually PREM (Data Broadcasting's symbol is $PREM). The floor frequently pushes the Premium within a certain range each day relative to fair value. (Fair Value is what is considered to be the reasonable difference between the futures and cash.)

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