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Trading Record - First 5 Months -
Nasdaq Real-time Signals

The Nasdaq Real-time Signals service began Sept. 18,2000 and data is through the close of February 16, 2001 of actual trades.

  • 99 days available to trade. 98 days were traded. This service trades most days!
  • 14 weeks of the 21 weeks traded have been profitable, including partial due to vacation at Christmas time.
  • 55 of traded days were profitable making net profits of $73,440
  • 43 of Traded days were losing days making losses of $37,820

  • The day has a 56.12% chance of being a winner!
  • The week has a 66.67% chance of being a winner!
  • Profitable to-date five of six months and counting!

  • Average winning day gains $1335.27
  • Average losing days loses $ 879.73
  • Average winning week gains $3039.28
  • Average losing week loses $ 931.43

Winning Days are 152% larger than losing days and take place more often.

The net profits for the above period, after commisions of $20 and slippage are $36,030.

  • This is an average of $367.65 per trading day, per trading day traded.
  • The largest losing day was $3320 on Jan. 12, 2001.
  • The largest winning day was $4020 on Sept. 29, 2000.
  • The longest losing streak was Jan 10 to Jan 16, 2001: Four consecutive days that lost $7120 total.
  • This is an average of -$1780 per day.

  • The longest winning streak was Sept. 29 to Oct, 12, 2000, 10 consecutive days that had profits of $19,380 total.
  • This is an average of $1938 per day.

  • 592 trades have been made through Feb. 16, 2001.
  • 345 trades have been winners averaging $213.50 per trade entered.
  • 247 trades have been losses averaging $150.93 per trade entered.
  • A winning trade is 141% larger than a losing trade on average.

  • Of the 592 trades made, 354 have been 2-contract entries on e-mini NQ or 59.8%.
  • The balance of trades made, 238 trades have been single contract entries.

All of this is available to any trader. Take a free one week trial.

Good Results Continued
First Six Months Nasdaq Results
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