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The financial markets all respond similarly to a type of market "math" called Fibonacci Ratios. Fibonacci was a Renaissance mathematician who discovered that many naturally occurring phenomena conform to certain numerical ratios. These ratios, commonly referred to as "Fibonacci Ratios" have an important bearing on price action in financial markets that have large participation. We use these ratios in our own trading every day.

Our area of expertise is stock index futures, specifically the S&P 500, and we can unequivocally state that the pricing of those futures contracts frequently will follow these ratios. Occasionally, an important report or earnings report will interfere, but the market far more often follows these important ratios in a fairly predictable fashion.

The same can be said about Elliott Wave and other wave counting approaches. The large number of traders trading these markets follow certain cycles that were determined by a market researcher named Ralph Elliott.

One of the best places to learn about how to use these two important principles in your own trading is Elliott Wave International. Their materials are an easy way to learn this important and useful method to increase your trading profitability in the shortest amount of time.

Free Elliott Wave International Tutorial

Elliott Wave International's newly designed tutorial is the most comprehensive introduction to the Elliott Wave Principle available in cyberspace. All ten lessons have been adapted from Prechter and Frostís Wall Street bestseller, Elliott Wave Principle - Key to Market Behavior.

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When you're Ready to Take your Day Trading Education to the Next Level:



The Wave Principle - Your Key to Understanding Markets

The Wave Principle is your key to understanding the markets, and The Elliott Wave Educational Video Series is your key to understanding the Wave Principle. The 10-tape series, recorded over 15 years ago, continues to be among our most popular products. (We invested more than 1500 production hours to ensure the highest quality and clarity of each lesson.)

The DVDs feature a new introduction from Bob Prechter and chapter selection menus, which help you find what you need quickly. For a quick review on Fibonacci ratios, you can use the menu to instantly access that lesson — no searching, no fast-forwarding. The same is true of wave personalities, trading options and many other topics.

The new DVD format truly transforms the video series into the ultimate Wave Principle reference.

10 Principles Every Elliott Wave Practitioner Should Know

These 10 discs will teach you principles every Elliott wave practitioner should know in an easy-to-grasp format.

The Elliott Wave Educational Video Series Includes:

DVDS 1-4 cover the basics of what every Elliott wave practitioner should know in an easy-to-grasp format.

Disc 1. Introduction to the Elliott Wave Principle. A clear, step-by-step explanation of how the psychological forces within markets construct the basic Elliott patterns. 140 min. Bonus Feature: A Special Introduction from Bob Prechter.

Disc 2. Counting Waves Correctly. How to apply the Wave Principle to every market, from stocks to cocoa — and how to apply the three Elliott rules that will separate you from many who misuse Elliott today. 42 min.

Disc 3. Characteristics of Impulse Waves. How you can identify five-wave structures at all degrees of trend -- from decades to minutes in duration — as they unfold in real time. 53 min.

Disc 4. Characteristics of Corrective Waves. The easy way to identify the two major families of corrections; and when to expect explosive price action after correction. 75 min.

Disc 5. Rules, Guidelines, and Wave Personalities. You'll learn how the "personalities" of each type of wave can make pattern recognition crystal clear. 79 min.

Disc 6. Understanding the Fibonacci Ratio in Financial Markets. You'll grasp how to apply the Fibonacci sequence to market analysis, and see that Elliott's description of market behavior anticipated Mandelbrot's concept of fractal geometry in natural structures. 71 min.

Disc 7. Calculating Fibonacci Ratios with the Precision Ratio Compass. Detailed instruction on how to mark Elliott Wave targets on charts. Includes the Precision Ratio Compass. 47 min.

Disc 8. Real-time Investing. The Wave Principle can signal you when risk is low and help you decide how to place a stop-loss at the most logical point. 90 min.

Disc 9. Trading Options Successfully. How to use one tactic to master most of the variables at once, and Robert Prechter's three "MUSTS" for success in options. 71 min

Disc 10. Questions and Answers with Bob Prechter and Dave Allman. A compilation of the most interesting questions and informative answers on a wide variety of topics. 85 min

Purchase a single DVD or the entire set at a substantial discount.

Guarantee of Satisfaction

To ensure you’re satisfied with your Elliott Wave DVD(s), Elliott Wave International offers this guarantee: When you receive your DVD(s), you may unwrap and view any one DVD. If you decide the DVD(s) are not for you, simply return them within 30 days. They'll give you a cheerful, 100% refund of the purchase price. If you purchase more than one DVD, please note that we will only accept one opened disc. The other discs must be returned in their original wrapping.

To Order: Call our customer service representatives at 800-336-1618 or 770-536-0309 (from outside the U.S.). When calling, to qualify for any special pricing, please mention code AFF.

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