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Audio Choices Available for the Real-Time Signals

You can now choose from several different audio files, so depending on whether you like your sounds loud, or mellow, there is a choice. We've also added the "No Sound" option.

Click each of the links in turn. This will launch your media player and after a short delay, you'll hear a sample of the sound file. There is a delay only the first time the file is called, after that the sound will play right away. For the Real-Time Signals, the sounds are played several times in quick succession (depending on the length of the original sound).

  Blinka Blinka ( 3274 kb) .au
  Ah-ooga (22160 kb) .wav
  Lionel (10508 kb) .wav
  The Buzz (20652 kb) .wav
  WoWoWo (22054 kb) .wav
  Harpsicord (13695 kb) .wav
  Tinkle Tinkle ( 8172 kb) .wav

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