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Bulletins Associated with a Typical Trade

This Appendix gives you a complete trade description along with the actual Daytrader’s Bulletin Signals as they were transmitted.  This exercise will show you  the price action and the Bulletins as they were broadcast.

Shown below is a 1-minute price chart of the S&P 500 on January 15th, 1998.  The following four Bulletins are based on this chart.

Entry “A” Bulletin

Our model has generated a sell signal at 10:36 Central time and the price is 962.20.  At that signal, sell.  When you call your broker, if the price is +/-  0.80 points from 962.20, take the trade.

Entry Chart

Your sell order would read:  “Sell 3 March S&Ps at the market.”  You would then hold for a flash fill.  Upon receipt of your fill, you would enter your management stop.  This would read:  “Buy 3 March S&Ps at 963.40 stop.”

The Status Bar shows that you were short 3 March S&Ps at 962.20 and that we anticipate a strong downtrend.  Of course, your actual fill will probably be above or below 962.20.  Also, when entering protective stops, take the difference between your actual fill and our price as shown in the current price field.

If your fill is above ours, add that difference to the management stop given on the Management Bar.  If your fill is below ours, subtract that difference from the management stop given on the Management Bar.  It’s that simple.

There is one exception:  If the management stop is followed by the word “HARD.”  Use that money management stop regardless of your entry fill.

Daytrade Entry Signal
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