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Ralph Russell,
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Nasdaq Trader

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Biography - Ralph Russell

"I had my first live quote service or what passed for live quote service in 1962. We hedged meat and grain production with it and also hedged metals such as copper and nickel, we were also speculating at that time.

Prices were updated by phone line every 10 minutes from Chicago and we got hourly from London where the metals were traded as I recall -- perhaps twice a trading session. I have been interested and a student of the markets ever since this early exposure. My father taught me how to hedge soybeans from the farm in the 50's. I was in the agricultural business (grain and meat production) for 30 years. I was in the manufacturing business owning a metal stamping and fabricating plant for 26 years.

I was educated at Case Institute of Technology, now part of Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio and also took courses at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio.

Since my second heart attack in 1977 I became a student of the markets full time. I have worked as a consultant for brokers, and for private traders. I have been a teacher to the Omega Users Group here in Sarasota, Fl. and have had many experiences working with traders on a one-on-one basis teaching the concepts necessary for successful trading. I have also set up and instructed traders in the use of their computers and software for trading.

I have had both success and losses in the futures trading business. The last several years my focus has been entirely on daytrading stock indexes such as the S&P 500, the Dow Jones, and The Nasdaq (NQ and ND) index futures contracts. Since 1990 my performance is usually positive when free of interference.

I have been advising brokers and trader friends for several years. I am especially sought after when a trader gets into difficulty. I have developed and sold trading tools for Excel and trading tools for TradeStation or SuperCharts. I occasionally hear from traders that I provided tools to many years ago.

One of my former students was the head of the mathematics department at the University of Brussels in Belgium. I worked as an instructor to he and his group for about six months. We faxed back and forth, much as I had previously done with a private trader in New Zealand for about a year.

Anyone considering subscribing and following my signals or trading suggestions for the Nasdaq, must follow as closely as possible to what I am doing. If they pick and choose they will pick and choose the wrong trades. If someone wants to follow my suggestions to examine his own trading system, he will find this service of great benefit.

It has been my experience that most traders cannot find a trade entry in the best of setups. Each week I have traders and brokers that call and ask, "Should I be in such and such," and I have to answer that I have done such and so about 10 minutes ago or more. Therefore they wind up trading their opinion, something we are all guilty of at times, and when that occurs you are about to get a lesson.

The markets are mathematical in my opinion. This is why we offer our subscriber an entry suggestion and a target at which we expect to take at least partial profits. In my experience we will achieve these targets over 70% of the time when I had the liberty of enough time to get them figured out and broadcast.

One broker that heard me speak locally for the first time, came to me six months later and told me when I opened my mouth he knew he was going to learn something that had value. He still is a student to this day and that was over four years ago. We traded together for a while but I was unable to crawl above his fear of loss and, I finally told him the obstacle I found between us was larger than either of us. .

There was little of good in the experience for either of us, yet to this very day, he makes money most weeks just by calling and asking for a trade which I give him on many days. We provide an active service that is incomparable to most, if not all."

Ralph Russell, Nasdaq Daytrader
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