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James (Eddie) Thornton,
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Biography - James E. (Eddie) Thornton

Eddie Thornton went from Field Deputy to Chief Deputy to City Marshall "Chief of Police." He served two four-year terms as the Police Chief and chose not to run again in July 1989.

Eddie personally handled over 100 felony cases ranging from burglary to homicides. He had a brief assignment as an undercover agent with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics which resulted in a felony arrest.

During his earlier career as a police officer he received the following awards and promotions:

1978 Promoted to Chief Deputy, Chickasaw county Sheriff Dept.
1981 Elected City Marshall, City of Okolona Mississippi. 4-year term
1981 Governors Award for being the youngest Marshal ever elected in the State of Mississippi at the age of 26
1982 Police Combat Training Instructor for North Mississippi Police and Sheriffs
1985 Elected City Marshal, city of Okolona Mississippi. 4-year term
1986 Nominated as Citizen of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce City of Okolona Mississippi
1986 Inducted into the National Police Hall of Fame, Jacksonville, Florida. In the shoot-out and rescue of a kidnapped woman and child
1995 Named in Furniture Today as the Most Grown Retail Furniture Store in Mississippi. Received class "A1 in Dun & Bradstreet

After leaving public service Eddie owned and operated a furniture store, U-Claim Furniture, Inc. in Jackson, Mississippi.

In 1996 he began his trading career and since then has been an avid trader and advisor to others both experienced and novice in daytrading.

Eddie brings a fresh approach to his trading and you'll enjoy watching him trade as well as profiting from his calls in the Real-time Signals.

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