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When a Bulletin Signal is broadcast, the Signal page is updated and several tones are sounded to indicate that a new Entry, Exit or Management Signal has arrived.  

A browser displaying the Bulletin Signal page must be open during the period you want to receive Bulletin Signals, although this page may be minimized or re-sized.


What You Need to See the Bulletin Signals, Real-Time Demo:

1.  Netscape 3.0 or better OR Internet Explorer 3.0 or better. This demo uses tables and Javascript

2.  You must also have a sound card in order to be alerted to the arrival of a new Bulletin Signal.  Your browser can be minimized and when a new signal is heard, restored.  If you do not have an enabled sound card, the resulting error messages may display behind the browser window, causing linking errors.

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To experience the Bulletin Signals in real-time, simply register for the free trial or subscribe. 

You will receive the Overnight Update in your daily e-mail and will access the Bulletin Signal page by following the link called “Real-Time Signal” on our home page, or bookmark the Signal's Entry page.

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