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Sept. - Oct 2000  Vol. 4 - Issue 4
ISSN: 1529-7985

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A C T I V E T R A D E R S ========================================================

+ New Real-time Signals for Nasdaq (ND and NQ)
+ Additions to Free Trials
+ Real-time Signals : Accessible to Hearing Impaired
+ When Looking for a Broker - Questions to Ask
+ Favorite Trading Book - Dynamic Trading
+ New Articles: Stock Board Peril for Novice Investors and
   Mindful Trading - See What You May be Missing

+ Software Spotlight - MantaDB
+ Keyboard Shortcuts - Open & Close New Browser Windows
+ Trading Results to-date

========== New Real-time Signals for Nasdaq (ND and NQ)

Announcing, our Real-time Signals for the Nasdaq 100, both the full contract (ND) or the E-mini Nasdaq (NQ). Meet Ralph Russell, 18-year trading veteran who has agreed to deliver the Nasdaq Real-time Signals for Daytrader's Bulletin. Update: Sadly, as of early 2002 Ralph is no longer trading for us. He decided for health reasons to discontinue delivering the Real-time signals for the Nasdaq.

Russell's style is as entertaining as it is educational. If you trade the Nasdaq, or want to learn, this is an excellent opportunity to trade along with a master. Since Ralph started sending the Real-time Signals for the Nasdaq, his results have been phenomenal. See the Current Net Performance charts and join us in trading the Nasdaq 100.

========== Addition to Free Trials

With the addition of the Nasdaq Real-time Signals all new free trials will be given access to both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100. You will also receive the Overnight Update for both markets. Request your trial today.

========== Real-time Signals Accessible to Hearing Impaired

No sound card required. We have added a "Color Flash" choice, instead of a sound to alert you when a new signal is sent. This is for those who are unable to hear the sound, or simply prefer not to hear the sound.

Just choose "Color Flash" in the drop down menu when you enter the Real-time Signals. You'll notice a new signal, with the background flashing red twice, as long as you keep a bit of the signal screen visible. The color flash is guaranteed to draw your attention.

Remember, you must submit a free trial request to have access:

Once you have a valid User Name and Password, you'll use the Real-time Signals Entry for Free Trialers.

========== When Looking for a Broker - Questions to Ask

The first thing you ask a broker probably will be about commission rates. But there is a lot more to a brokerage firm than low rates. Here are some things you want to find out when looking for a new broker:

  1. 1. Is the advertised commission rate a special introductory rate for the first few trades?

  2. Is the "Rates-as-low as X" offer for the volume of trades you are likely to make in a given period?

  3. Does the rate apply to a "roundturn" (both in and out) or one side only? (Be sure to clarify whether the rate is for futures or options on futures.)

  4. Are there additional "fees" (exchanges, account maintenance, etc.) besides commissions?

  5. Is there an additional charge for orders placed by phone?

  6. How many cancel-replace orders can you place, and is there an additional charge for these orders?

  7. What connections does the broker have to the exchanges, both electronic and open-outcry?

  8. What is the broker's plan, if their connections fail?

  9. What technical support is available, if you have problems with the firm's order-entry system?

  10. Is online trading available 24 hours a day during the trading week?

  11. Is broker support available 24 hours a day during the trading week, in case you need help getting into or out of a position?

  12. Is there an additional fee for broker assisted trades, and if so, what is it?

  13. What special services are available for specific markets you want to trade -- for example, currencies?

  14. Does your broker offer direct pit access and what are the qualifications?

  15. If you're trading online, does the broker use stand-alone software or a browser based software? (Very important.)

  16. What are your day trading margins?

These tips were provided by A. David Manoukian of
Global Futures Exchange & Trading Company, Inc.

Toll Free 877-367-3177
Fax 818-728-1144

========== Favorite Trading Books: Traders & Investors Books

Dynamic Trading by Robert C. Miner
Reviewed by Charles Holt, CTA

Dynamic Trading is perhaps the best work available on the use of Elliott Wave and Gann approaches. Not only are the layout and examples clear and easy to follow, but their real-world application is extensively covered. Robert Miner has produced a seminal work in the practical use of Elliott Wave -- no easy task.

Miner clears the decks early by acknowledging that Elliott's "wave counts" work about 50% of the time. Thus, he does not resort to vague, exceptional wave counts and other fudging factors in an attempt to justify the Master's infallibility.

As a professional trader of almost 20 years, I attempted in the past to apply Elliott wave to daily and intraday trading and failed. I discounted Elliott principally due to the presentation by Elliott academicians.

I get the sense that most authors attempting to explain Elliott and Gann are theorists only, and either do not want you to be able to trade using their interpretations or, in fact, are not traders. Miner has clearly been in the trenches, and this book makes the approach accessible.

Though Miner takes a less restricted approach to the interpretation of wave counts, his results are no less impressive. The author is very restrained in touting his software that accomplishes what is explained in depth in the book. However, all formulae (to my knowledge) are revealed and are adaptable to an Excel spreadsheet, which is what I have done.

Wave counts, Fibonacci retracements, time measures, trading strategies, an abundance of practical examples, and much more is covered.

The Wave Structures Check lists, Summaries of the Most Important Price Projections, Ratios by Wave, and Worksheets are invaluable and alone are worth the price of this book. If you trade or plan to, you should buy and study this book.

Traders & Investors Bookstore

Books are the single best and least expensive way to learn more about trading and investing. (Remember, to close the new window that opens when you click a book link, just use Ctrl + W. Hold both keys down simultaneously)


========== New Articles in Tips, Tricks & Techniques

New Articles are being posted in the General Trading section.

Index to Tips


========== Software Spotlight - MantaDB MantaDB Utilities 2.02

The MantaDB Utilities are a free collection of tools that integrate into the Internet Explorer browser and make the Web easier to use. Features we use most often include the "Sensible Colors, and "Personal Sidebar."

Have you ever wanted to print a page, but couldn't because the designer used a dark background and light letters? Just click Sensible Colors and the background is switched to white, letters to black, and you're free to print.

Personal Sidebar allows you to load whatever you want as your personal start page. We use our Trader's EZ Start page, so all the links we use most often are ready when we need them, making our links accessible without needing to switch our view to our "home page."

Get MantaDb Utilities at


========== Keyboard Shortcuts - Open Links - Separate Window

Don't want to leave the page you are on, but you want to follow a link? Here's how: Hold down the Shift key and click the link (Shift - Link), and your browser will launch a new window. To close the second window (or any browser window) use Ctrl - W.

Visit for all our software reviews and recommendations, plus computer tips. Your computer is a tool. Learn to use it.


========== Trading Results for Sept/Oct 2000

S&P 500: Our cumulative net result up to and including October 13th, 2000 on our model account is $50,225. This is a 167% return to-date.

Nasdaq: This service began in late September (Sept. 18). Trading results up to and including October 13th, 2000 for the 20 trading days are $21,610! This is trading one and two-lot sets of the E-mini Nasdaq!

These results are posted after each trading session in the Overnight Update and also can be viewed on our Cumulative Net Results page:

Join us.

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It is our sincere desire that our web site and Real-Time Signals service is an informative and educational resource for you as a trader. Please be aware that you may trade in front of us, with us, or after us and that it is imperative that you make your own trading decisions based on your specific risk tolerance and discretionary funds. There is a risk of loss in trading futures.

Good trading,
Kathryn Martyn Smith, M.NLP
Publisher and Trader Daytraders Bulletin

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