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Nov/Dec 2000  Vol. 4 - Issue 5
ISSN: 1529-7985

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A C T I V E T R A D E R S ========================================================

+ Nasdaq 100 Real-time Signals Results - First 48 Days
+ Holiday Schedule - December Archives
+ 10 Winning Techniques of Successful Traders
+ Daytrader's Tool Box - FAQs, Candlestick Primer ...
+ Mental Mastery for Traders
+ Recommended Trading Books for Novice Traders
+ What is Risk - New in Tips, Tricks & Techniques
+ Success Has a Price to Pay - New in Tips, Tricks & Techniques
+ New Site Spotlight :
+ Keyboard Shortcuts - Text too Small on Web Pages?
+ Trading Results 2000 Year-to-date

========== Nasdaq 100 Real-time Signals - First 48 Days

If you missed the announcement, we've added Real-time Signals for the Nasdaq 100. Trading the e-mini Nasdaq (NQ), one and two lots, Ralph Russell gained an impressive $35,550 in only 13 weeks.

Russell's style is as entertaining as it is educational. If you trade the Nasdaq, or want to learn, this is an excellent opportunity to trade along with a master.

Join us in trading the Nasdaq 100.

With the addition of the Nasdaq Real-time Signals all new free trials will be given access to both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100. You will also receive the Overnight Update for both markets. Request your free trial today.

========== Holiday Schedule - December Archives

The holidays have past. For the record, our December results ended early, as we elected to take some vacation time in 2000.

Nasdaq Schedule : Last trading day December 19. First update for 2001, prepared January 2nd but dated December 22nd in the archive. Trading resumed January 3rd.

S&P 500 Schedule : Last trading day and update December 22nd. Trading resumed January 3rd. Please keep these holiday schedules in mind when reviewing our Overnight Update Archives.

========== 10 Winning Techniques of Successful Traders

You've read the DON'T lists. Did you realize the brain will hear the command, but ignore the negative? Have you noticed when you tell a child NOT to do something, that is the very thing they are now most likely to do? When you say, "Don't forget to ..." your brain hears only, "forget to ..."

Next time say, "Remember to ..." Use this technique the next time you get read to tell anyone what you don't want. Phrase it as what you do want and you'll get a much better result.

Here is our list of the 10 things you SHOULD DO if you want to join the ranks of the successful, long-term traders. Follow them and you'll be on the road to trading success.

Successful traders:

    1. Always trade with a plan. They identify risk and profit objectives before trading.
    2. Stick with the trading plan. Successful traders do not second guess, nor follow hunches.
    3. Have sufficient trading capital, and only trade with risk capital they can well afford to lose.
    4. Trade what is, not what they think will be.
    5. Have no directional bias. They let the market dictate which direction to trade.
    6. Consider fundamentals, but depend on the technicals to agree -- charts tell the real story.
    7. Let profits run. They trade multiple contract so winners can be left in the market longer for greater profits.
    8. Cut losses short. As soon as a trade goes bad, they exit.
    9. Practice strict discipline. Successful traders continually practice their skills and learn from every trade.
    10. Practice good money management. Trade only liquid markets, and see No. 1.

========== Daytrader's Tool Box

Navigation has been changed, so now links to the following sections can be found in the Trader's Tool Box:

  • Daytrading Q & A (formerly FAQS) - Questions and answers in categories such as General Daytrading, The Bulletin Signals, Overnight Updates, Technical Analysis, Novice Trading and Subscription Options.

  • The Guide to Daytrading Profits - Explains the Real-time Signals in detail. What we do in our Real-time Signals and how we do it. This section can be read in about 15 minutes, and will give you a complete understanding of how the Real-time Signals work.

========== Mental Mastery for Traders

The experts agree, over 85% of trading success depends on the psychological aspects of trading. How is it that two traders, using the same methods, can have drastically different results? Most likely it is because one of those traders has achieved self-mastery.

Winning traders have a clear picture of their objective, are completely confident, and are able to follow through without hesitation. They see the signal, say to themselves, "Yes, this is a trade," and they feel right about it. They trust their system and they trust themselves, and they take action. These qualities all make-up the mind set of the successful trader.

Anyone with a strong enough desire, can master these same techniques in a very short period of time

  • Learn to model the strategies of successful traders
  • Develop personal strategies to give you the edge over those using just technical and fundamental analysis
  • Become instantly more confident and secure in your abilities
  • Access states of mind that help create success and wealth
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors that are keeping you stuck

If you have a good trading plan, but find yourself unable to execute without hesitation. If you talk yourself out of good trades. If you are more afraid of losing, than excited about winning, get ready! End those frustrations right now.

Using NLP techniques, Kathryn Martyn has developed an approach that has successfully enabled traders just like you to overcome those limitations and break through to become the winning trader you know you are.

Daytrader's Mentor - One-on-one training for those serious about daytrading. Call or e-mail to schedule a free introductory consultation.

Make this the year you tackle the psychological end of trading.

========== Recommended Trading Books for Novice Traders

We get a lot of questions about the best trading books for beginners. Check our private library and personal favorites

Books: the single best and least expensive way to learn more about trading and investing.

(Remember, to close the new window that opens when you click a book link, use Ctrl + W)

========== New in Tips, Tricks & Techniques - General Trading

Details for reprinting or posting on your web site

========== New Site Spotlight :

Math Geek's Dream Site! If you are mathematically inclined, and what trader isn't?, find everything your calculating mind desires at

"The technical computing portal for all your scientific and engineering needs."

There are categories for the MatLab, Excel, Scientific C/C++, Scientific Fortran, Scientific Java, Visual Basic, Applications and Industries, plus Learning and Education.

============= Price Increase for Real-time Signals

As of February 15, 2001, our new rates will be as follows:

    • S&P 500 - 30 Days for $169.00
    • Nasdaq 100 - 30 Days for $169.00
    • Both Services Combined - 30 Days for $298.00

With either service you'll receive our Real-time Signals, Overnight Updates, Mentor Updates, and have access to our library of trading lessons.

We accept Visa, Master, American Express. Other forms of payment can be arranged. We also guarantee that as long as you remain a paid subscriber, your rate will never increase.

Subscribe today!
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========== Keyboard Shortcuts - Text Too Small?

Do you occasionally come across web pages that have text so tiny it is nearly impossible to read? If you use a wheel mouse such as the Logitech or Microsoft Wheel mouse, you can increase or decrease the text size on a web page by clicking Ctrl - and moving the wheel toward you for larger, and away from you for smaller size.

Each wheel turn will increase the font size by a factor of 1.

See all our computer tips at Kathryn's Computer Tips for Traders.

========== Trading Results for Year-to-date 2000

S&P 500: Our cumulative net result up to and including December 22nd, 2000, our last day of trading for the year, on our model account is $40,750. This is a respectable 136% return for the year-to-date.

Nasdaq: This service began in late September (Sept. 18). Trading results up to and including December 19th, 2000, the last trading of the year for the Nasdaq was $35,550! This is trading one and two-lot sets of the e-mini Nasdaq! For our initial account of $15,000, this was a 237% return in 13 weeks.

These results are posted after each trading session in the Overnight Update and also can be viewed on our Cumulative Net Results page:

Join us.

Free Trial

For 2001, we are raising our minimum starting account size to $50,000 for the S&P 500 and $30,000 for the Nasdaq 100. These are our recommendations for comfortable starting accounts. Your broker can help you decide on the size of your own account including their required account minimums.

============ Visit our Other Sites

Daytrader's Mentor - Private Daytrading Mentor

============ Disclaimer

It is our sincere desire that our web site and Real-Time Signals service is an informative and educational resource for you as a trader. Please be aware that you may trade in front of us, with us, or after us and that it is imperative that you make your own trading decisions based on your specific risk tolerance and discretionary funds. There is a risk of loss in trading futures.

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