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Jan/Feb 2001 Vol. 5 - Issue 1
ISSN: 1529-7985

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A C T I V E T R A D E R S ========================================================

+ Nasdaq 100 Real-time Signals - $48,000 First 6 Months
+ New Tips: Daytrading the Quick Trade - Why So Many?
+ News: Charles Holt, CTA discuss "How to Short"
+ Daytrader's Tool Box - The Guide to Daytrading Profits
+ Mind & Money - Change Personal History - Mind Games
+ Featured Site -
+ Buy and Hold - Still a Valid Strategy?
+ Favorite Trading Books - Electronic Trading
+ Software & Computer Tips - Printing Part of an E-mail
+ Trading Results 2001 Year-to-date

============ Nasdaq 100 Real-time Signals - First 6 Months

Ralph Russell has completed his first six months trading the
Nasdaq (NQ) e-mini Real-time Signals for the Daytrader's Bulletin.
He and has posted very impressive results. Trading one and two lots,
Russell gained an impressive $48,137.50 (after commissions and
slippage) in the first six months! Read the Nasdaq Signals Statistics.

Russell's style is as entertaining as it is educational. If you trade
the Nasdaq, or want to learn, this is an excellent opportunity to
trade along with a master.

Join us in trading the Nasdaq 100.

All new free trials to the Real-time Signals have access to both the
S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100 Signals. You will also receive the
Overnight Updates for both markets. Request your free trial today.

============ New in Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Daytraders

Daytrading the Quick Trade - Why So Many Trades?

We have been asked, "Why not make an entry and sit all day with
it?" Our first answer might be something like, "We would soon have
a losing trade to deal with!"

The market normally will oscillate or "jump up and down." This is
caused by one person's bargain point being another person's selling
point. And so the day normally goes up and down with some respect
to yesterday's range.

In trading I first try to find what appears to be a failure. The
easiest one to see is a high attempt that does not quite reach the
previous high made from a few to several minutes earlier in the
day. I then look for a pivot under which to place a sell stop, or
I look for a level that I see as significant in my experience with
the "Math of the Markets*" and utilize it for an entry.

Buy entry failures are more difficult to deal with as the failure
does not seem as obvious to me. It is when we have made a low, then
rally and come back down toward the low, which sets up a higher low
a few minutes to several minutes between the two lows. I then look
for a pivot over which to place a buy stop or I look for a level
that I see as significant in my experience from the "Math of the
Markets" and utilize it for an entry.

Since we are entering on a stop, the market has confirmed our trade
direction and so far we are 50% correct. This is the reason I see
the entry as the most significant part of any day trade. If the
entry happens you will or should "go into the money" at least for
a few seconds...

Read Entire Article...

Daytrading Articles Index: Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Details for reprinting or posting on your website.

============ News Flash

Listen in as Charles Holt, CTA is interviewed for,
heard live in New York, and simulcast on their web site at at 9:10 AM on Monday, March 26, 2001.

Charles will be asked about "How to Short the Market," a topic
of great interest to the "buy and hold" crowd now that the
bear market is actually being acknowledged.

We're wondering: Does the media's sudden attention to shorting
signal the bottom may already be in place?

========= Daytrader's Tool Box - The Guide to Daytrading Profits

A complete and detailed explanation of the Real-time Signals.
The Guide was written to guide one through the steps necessary to
follow our Real-time Signals traders. Take 10 minutes to read through
The Guide if you want to maximize your use of the Real-time Signals.

The Traders' Tool Box also contains links to our Daytrading
Q & A's (FAQs), Real-time Signals, Overnight Updates, Mentor Updates,
and more.

============ Mind & Money - Change Personal History

Change Personal History - Mind Games for Successful Daytrading

Did you know your brain cannot tell the difference between what is
real and what is imagined? Have you ever recalled an unpleasant
experience in such vivid detail that the feelings of upset, anxiety,
rapid heartbeat, shallow breathing, all came back as if it had just
happened? If so, you created this state by becoming fully involved in
your memory of the event. It is not really happening, but your body
responds as if it is because your brain does not know you are only

You can use this talent to your benefit. Follow the exercise outlined
in "Change Personal History - Mind Games for Successful Daytrading,"
and see how you can create the ideal mind set for better daytrading.

For help with the psychological and mental aspects of daytrading
contact Kathryn Martyn, NLP Practitioner - or see the Daytrader's Mentor site for more details.

============ Featured Site -

Daytrader's Bulletin has teamed up with, the Online
Trader's Dreamsite! Everything is streaming, real-time tick-by-tick
with the market. B4Utrade's features include the web's only Streaming
Wall of Stocks, the streaming CNBC business video, the most powerful
and robust stock screener, plus dynamic intra-day charting, which all
combined equal a service that can't be found anywhere else on the web.

In addition, B4Utrade offers its patented Institutional Piggybacking
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Streaming Portfolios.

Visit today for your 30-day free trial and an exclusive offer for
Daytrader's Bulletin users! This link will take you to a page that you need
to click through to the actual first screen for B4UTrade. This way
you'll get credit for the discounted rate.

=========== Is "Buy and Hold" a Valid Strategy for Investors?

Is it good sense to buy a stock, watch it rise to the ceiling, count
your paper profits and then watch it fall back to below your entry
price? No! This is the old fashioned "buy and hold" strategy that just
will not work in today's volatile market.

Why not stop playing the analysts game and start trading to win? Use
the strategies and techniques of the short-term trader to be a
successful long-term investor. Buy whenever you like, but time your
exits so that you are capturing profits. (That is the idea, right?).

How do you learn these strategies? Use the Daytrading A-B-C's

A. Spot the Trend: Up or down? It is fairly easy to spot the
underlying trend, simply draw a line that connects the last three
highest points, or the last three lowest points and extend the line.

If you see the longer-term trend is down, is that a good time to hang
on for dear life? Probably not. It is a good time to consider: At what
price did I get in? Will this be a profitable trade, after costs, if I
exit now? If the answer is yes, exit. Try not to form intimate
relationships with the underlying contract and it will be easier to
use them for your gain.

B. Watch a few key indicators. None of us can predict what the market
will do -- run as fast as you can from anyone who claims this ability.
Rather, we use mathematical probabilities attempt to predict what the
market will do and take action accordingly.

C. Keep your own counsel. With the information overload we are all
experiencing, it is easy to get caught up in the analysis paralysis
syndrome. Do you subscribe to multiple services, receive numerous
newsletters and various e-mail alerts? If you are not careful you may
get stuck in the middle and find yourself unable to make any
decisions, much less intelligent and well informed decisions.

If you notice yourself not taking action because other's opinions are
getting in your way (including your own brokers), get out of the
firing range! Do your own homework and you'll be ahead of the game.
Professionals do not call and ask their friend's opinion before taking
action, and neither should you.

If you think trading is something that shouldn't take any of your
time, then hire a money manager and let them handle things.

========== Favorite Trading Books: Bookstore for Active Traders

Electronic Trading books are everywhere. Here you'll find our recommendations.

Before the gravy train of heavily discounted books ends (read my
previous review of the decline of in the June 2000 issue of the Newsletter for Active Traders) stock up on all the trading books you can.

Books are the single best and least expensive way to learn more about trading and investing.

(Remember, to close the new window that opens when you click a
book link, use Ctrl + W)

=========== Software & Computer Tips - Now

Print Part of a Web Page or E-mail Message

Have you ever printed a 15 page e-mail message because you wanted to
save a paragraph of text? Never again. Or how about when you end of
rinting a huge website page, and again, you only really wanted to keep
a small bit of text?

Solution? Highlight the text you want to print, then click on File >
Print. The dialog box that opens will usually have an option under
Print Range for Selection (this option only appears if you have
already selected some text). The default print option is "All." Simply
click the option button for Selection, and only your selected text
will be printed.

If you are trading online, here are tips for dealing with computers,
software, e-mail, browsers and the like.

Kathryn's Computer Tips for Traders

============ Year-to date Trading Results for 2001

S&P 500: Our cumulative net result up to and including March 23rd,
2001 on our model account is $17,775.00. This is a 59% return for the

Nasdaq: Our cumulative net result up to and including March 23rd,
2001 on our model account is $14,750.00. This is trading one and two
lot sets of the e-mini Nasdaq! For our initial account of $15,000,
this was a 98% return.

These results are posted after each trading session in the Overnight
Update and also can be viewed on our Cumulative Net Results page

============ Visit our Other Sites

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============ Disclaimer

It is our sincere desire that our web site and Real-Time Signals service is an informative and educational resource for you as a trader. Please be aware that you may trade in front of us, with us, or after us and that it is imperative that you make your own trading decisions based on your specific risk tolerance and discretionary funds. There is a risk of loss in trading futures.

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Good trading,
Kathryn Martyn Smith, M.NLP
Publisher and Day Trading Mentor Daytrader's Bulletin

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