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Vol 2 - Issue No. 1
January - February 1999

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+ Real-Time Signals: Additions and Improvements
+ Trade Management
+ New Tips - Self-Talk
+ Software Spotlight: Synchronize Those Clocks
+ Results for Jan and Feb 1999
+ Newsworthy - New Index of Internet Stocks

========== What's New in our Real-Time Signals ===============
We are now providing the following for our Subscribers and current Free Trialers:

Fair Market Value - just after the market open we post our derived Fair Market Value

Opening Range - also given just after the market open

Support/Resistance - new levels are provided approximately 45 minutes after the open. These are derived from a proprietary study and are well worthwile to plot on your intraday charts.

================== Trade Management ====================
Our ideas and suggestions for how to better utilize our Real Time Signals has been compiled into a "Trade Management" mailing. This is e-mailed to all new Free Trialers when they first get started. You can request a copy to be e-mailed to you by autoresponder by sending an empty (no subject or body) message to

=============== New Tips, Tricks & Techniques ===============
Some trading days (or weeks) can be especially trying on one's nerves. We have been slowly adding to our Mind & Money section dealing with psychological issues all traders must face. Mastering the psychological aspects of trading can make the difference between winning or losing the trading game. Categories now include:

1. Trade Execution
2. Winning Mental States
3. Pulling the Trigger - Part I
4. Pulling the Trigger - Part II
5. Self-Talk

Our most recent addition is: The Perils and Pitfalls of Self- Talk or How Traders Talk Themselves Into Bad Trades.

Tip Suggestions for new topics in our Tips section are always welcome. Send any ideas to us.

============ Software Spotlight =======================
We have added to the Trader's Tools page a review of those software programs (freeware and shareware) we find useful. A recent mailing to Subscribers included a section on the importance of keeping an accurate system clock when dealing with time sensitive activities such as trading and especially when trading on-line.

Our selections for excellent free (or nearly free) programs to synchronize your computer's clock are listed there.

========= Results for Jan & Feb 1999 ===================
After all expenses are deducted, including brokerage fees and slippage, our $30,000 model account was up 42.4% or $12,725 for the month of January (508.8% annualized). The month of February has been more difficult for our entry system due to a choppy, consolidation market. Our net results after all expenses is $5,675 for the month of February up to and including February 24th. This is an 18.9% return for the month or 226.8% annualized.

==== Newsworthy - Dow Jones Internet Index =============
The Dow Jones announced February 18, 1999 a new Index called the Dow Jones Internet Index (DJII)

Two components make up the companies that comprise the DJII: (1) Internet Commerce and (2) Internet Services, which has been done as a means to distinguish between the different types of companies relying on the Internet for their revevue.

Internet Commerce sites are those that provide goods and/or services via the Internet. Internet Services are companies which provide the means for others to utilize the Internet, such as ISPs. Dow Jones Internet Index (DJII) Here you will find a list of the companies comprising the DJII.

Take a look at the charts, they are incredibly volatile. This price action reminds us of the Dutch Tulip Hysteria of the 1630's. If you haven't already, be sure to read the story of "Tulipomania" in the classic book "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay, LL.D. Originally written in 1841 it is a must read for all traders and investors alike. You'll find it at most libraries or in our Daytrader's Bookstore.

Good trading,
Kathryn Martyn Smith, M.NLP, Publisher Daytraders Bulletin

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