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Vol. 3 - Issue 1
Dec. 1999
Jan. 2000


The Daytrader's Bulletin Daytrading Newsletter Dec/Jan 1999-2000

+ What Traders Need in a Computer System
+ Mentor Update - Using Active Averages
+ The Guide - Outline of our Trading Methods
+ FAQs - Daytrader's Questions (and Answers)
+ Daytrader's Crossword Puzzles - Just for Fun
+ SpeedResearch Investment Browser
+ The Chairman Speaks
+ Bookstore for Traders and Investors
+ Recommended Reading - Risk & Money Management
+ Software Spotlight - ListPics
+ Trading Results - Year-End 1999 & January 2000

N E W S L E T T E R F O R A C T I V E T R A D E R S =============================================================

======== What Traders Need in a Computer System

How do you know what is a good buy and what is a lousy system with a low price? A computer for traders is not the same as a computer for gamers, and much less expensive.

Traders don't need a souped up sound system, but do need an excellent video card (we'll tell you which is best), a great monitor (17" minimum), plenty of memory (why 64k will not cut it), and a fast processor (500MHz - why the latest are not necessarily the greatest).

Read our quick lesson in computer specs for the trader.

You'll quickly gain the knowledge to buy your next computer with confidence and ease.

========== Mentor Update - Using Active Averages

A vital component of our price action model is that of activated averages. This Mentor Update goes into detail on how to interpret active averages and utilize them in your own trading

======== The Guide - Outline for our Trading Methods

If you are taking a free trial of our Real-Time Signals, be sure to review "The Guide" our mini manual describing the Real-Time Signals and how to use them to increase your trading profits.

========= FAQs - Daytrader's Questions (and Answers)

We have regrouped the FAQs into the following categories:

General Daytrading
Bulletin Signals
Overnight Update
Technical Analysis
Novice Trading
Subscription Questions

New FAQs are continually posted. Check for the red bullet icon.

============ Daytrader's Crossword Puzzles - Just for Fun

Traders need a break every now and then, right? Try our easy trading and investing crossword puzzles. Test your knowledge and, if you are a novice, learn trading and investing terminology in a new fun way.

============ SpeedResearch Investment Browser

I came across this browser while roaming the net, and find it to be excellent. SpeedResearch Investment Browser: Every square inch of screen space is dedicated to your research. Comes fully loaded with hundreds of web sites including real-time quotes, after-hours data, charting, message boards, price history, performance history, profiles, news, financials, insider info and many other research sites. Entirely customizable, add all the links you like.

============ The Chairman, Alan Greenspan Speaks

We are just before establishing a record for the longest running expansion in history. Are we in an equities speculative bubble that will soon burst or have the rules changed?

Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, addressed the Economic Club of New York on January 13, 2000 and addressed this issue is his speech on Technology and the Economy.

This is a very cogent and illuminating speech that helped clarify some of the issues that the Fed weighs in considering rate hikes and other issues it faces. Check this very readable and illuminating speech out at 2000 Speeches of Federal Reserve Board Members

========== Bookstore for Traders & Investors

Featured Book: The Trading Game - Playing by the Numbers to Make Millions
by Ryan Jones

There are not many books on Money Management, yet this important subject is a critical component to any successful trader's tool box.

Bookstore: Price - $49.95 - Our Price $34.97

We've given our bookstore an update. Easy now to search the entire 4+ million book inventory.

Books are the single best and least expensive way to learn more about trading. Visit our bookstore today for our choices for best and favorite books about trading.

========== Software Spotlight - ListPics

Traders end up with a lot of graphic files. Trouble is, if you double-click a file to read it, it will open, all by itself in either a browser window, or a graphics editing program (if you have one installed). Either way, it is time consuming to review and/or print your graphics one by one.

Here is a better way: Solway's Shareware Page offers a great freeware utility called ListPics Run ListPics and you simply tell it in which directory you'd like an html file created, then click "Create HTML List File."

Next, click "View" and the file displays all the graphics found in that directory. It does not get any easier than this.

Visit our Software Utilities for Traders page for details on other software and utilities we find helpful for trading and investing.

============ Trading Results for Year-End 1999 and Jan. 2000

Our cumulative net result up to and including December 31, 1999 on our model account is $100,475. This is a 335% annual return. Net results as of January 30th, 2000 are $7,725.00.

These results are posted after each trading session (late evening) on page 6 of the Overnight Update and also can be viewed on our Cumulative Net Results page.

============ Disclaimer

It is our sincere desire that our web site and Real-Time Signals service is an informative and educational resource for you as a trader. Please be aware that you may trade in front of us, with us, or after us and that it is imperative that you make your own trading decisions based on your specific risk tolerance and discretionary funds. There is a risk of loss in trading futures.

Good trading,
Charles Holt, CTA
Publisher and Trader Daytrader's Bulletin

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